Mission Statement

We're an App development & consulting company that focuses on developing and delivering innovative software solutions with accountability. We have developed Apps for iOS & Android platforms. Open source technologies are getting matured and as such the world in Software solutions have become very innovative. We are tapping this phenomenon and have been focusing on cheap and fast open source alternatives to enterprise software development.


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We are Agile
The key to success in today's dynamic scenario is the ability to bring a change to the market faster than ever.

We are a strong proponent of Agile methodology which not only allow us to adapt to ever changing requirements but also brings accountability in everything we do.

Server side architecture has become light-weight. We can deploy RESTful solutions to Amazon/Microsoft or any other cloud platform which results in not only faster development but also cheaper infrastructure.

We have a broad range of consultants, and we truly value our people. Our consultants are the quality people who will help you design the no fluff just stuff solutions.

Technology Stack

We do native app development and support iOS and Android. Mobile Apps whether iOS or Android needs a good supporting server side. The server side is designed such that it is capable of serving Desktop/Tablet/Phone and all other mobile devices. This is the beauty of a good architecture design that it should be robust, scalable and able to support the innovations happening around.

  • Java augmented with the power of Spring
  • JQuery for Ajax programming with Spring MVC and Web flow
  • RESTful architecture for server side along with JPA/Hibernate
  • Any choice of SQL database Oracle, MySQL etc
  • No SQL Databases such as MongoDB
  • Messaging solutions such as RabbitMQ, OracleAQ, Spring JMS
  • WebServer such as Apache/Tomcat, Jetty